[ Adell Plastics, Inc! ] : The Leader In Compounding Technology

[ Adell Plastics, Inc! ] : The Leader In Compounding Technology

[ Adell Plastics, Inc! ] : The Leader In Compounding Technology

Compounding Capabilities

Adell Plastics offers their services as proprietary and toll compounders. With over 50 years of plastic compounding experience, Adell Plastics is the company for your compounding needs.

Proprietary Compounding

Adell offers a broad range of proprietary engineered thermoplastic compounds with an emphasis on nylon, polypropylene, polyester (both PET and PBT), polycarbonate, and silicone concentrates. Beyond standard formulations, Adell has the technology, flexibility, and customer focus to produce specialized formulations based on your specific needs, Using our vast resources, compounding expertise, process engineering and testing facilities, we are committed to delivering the optimum, most cost-efficient formulation.

Supporting all of these efforts are state-of-the-art, ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory that allows us to thoroughly test all of our products and processes. In addition, our color matching expertise permits Adell to develop custom colors that align perfectly with even the most demanding requirements.

To maintain our leadership in technology and service, and simultaneously enable all of our customers to excel, Adell has established a rigorous program called "Total Quality Commitment." Developed to continually improve product quality technology, customization, service, delivery and cost, "Total Quality Commitment" also represents our assurance that we will meet, or exceed customer performance requirements every single time.

Toll Compounding

The compounding systems found at Adell vary in production rates from 200-5000 pounds per hour, giving Adell the capability to produce compounded products economically in both small and large quantities and in absolute confidentiality. Adell responds to customers quality demands with continuous monitoring and evaluation of process limits. Our data acquisition system was developed by Adell engineers for extruder performance surveillance that is responsive and does not impede flexibility or unnecessarily increase the cost of the operation. Our engineers are fully capable of developing application specific equipment required for the job, which may not be readily available in the market place. Adell offers a pilot lab facility where the processing parameters of your product can be determine as well as a full testing facility to study the physical properties of the material. Our pilot compounding facility allows for a cost effective and efficient transition to full production.